Two California Cities Make Top 10 of Best Zip Codes

According to real estate data information provider Movoto, two California city zip codes made the top 10 list of the absolute best zip codes to live in.

The parameters reviewed were:
• Median Household Income (higher is best)
• Unemployment Rate (lower is best)
• Average Commute Time (lower the best)
• Median Rent (higher is best since area tends to be more desirable)
• Median House Worth (same as above)
• High School Graduation Rate (higher is best)
• Families Below The Poverty Line (lower is best)

In 4th place is zip code 95497 in Sea Ranch, CA. This area came in behind Washington, D.C., (20004), Houston, Texas (77005), Medina, Washington (98039)
I must admit it is the first time I’ve heard of Sea Ranch but can just imagine the beautiful surroundings it has being located in Northern California. Nevertheless, it is a great home for around 1,305 residents. It scored high in many code 94580 sea ranch

All families live above the poverty level, ninety-nine percent of the people here graduated high school, everyone has a job, and it has the shortest commuting time of all the cities in the top 10.

Based on the city’s name and it being in California, you’re probably estimating the home price to be high and you’re correct. They are high. The median home value in 95497 is $710,100. This makes it unique and somewhat exclusive yet sill inviting to see the ocean from the nearby Sea Ranch Lodge on a visit to the small town.

Coming in as the sixth best zip code in the United States, according to the Movoto is the zip code 92121 in San Diego. This zip code includes the area from University of California San Diego north to Torrey Pines and east to Miramar which contains part of famous Marine Corps Air Station.

Additional factors that put it in the top 10 were its short 17 minute commute on average, under four percent unemployment rates, and a median household income over $96,000. According to Zillow home values, the median home value in 92121 is $529,100 as of Aug. 31, 2014. Furthermore, the high school graduation rate is more than 97 percent, and families living below the poverty line is under 1.5 percent. Rounding out the top 10 zip codes in 7th to 10th places are Chicago, Wichita, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri.

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