Jumbo 30 & 15 Year Fixed Rate Program

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Fixed-rate financing for Purchase or Refinance

Fixed rate mortgage loans for 15, 20, and 30 years are available for borrowers who prefer a set payment and do not want to be concerned with changes to the LIBOR, MTA, T-Bill, or COFI indices affecting their rate every six months or year depending on the ARM program they selected.

Fixed-rate loans are at all-time lows and very attractive for borrowers for vitually any type of home. You should strongly consider a 30-year fixed, or the 20-year and 15-year fixed.

UPDATE: 3/14/2017. There is a 40-Year fixed rate loan with an option for 10 years interest only.

Some borrowers may prefer to get a slightly lower rate using a "fixed-rate ARM" for 7 or 10 years with 30 year amortization payments or a balloon payment due in 7 and 10 years. It is mor esuited to those knowing they will move or refinance before the 7 or 10-year periods elapse.

Most borrowers who select an ARM pick the program where it converts to a true adjustable rate product (index + margin) at the end of the fixed term.

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