Purchase Home Loans over $510,400

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Borrowers typically obtain a large loan amount in cities such as L.A., San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and many other places designated as high-cost throughout the country. With a purchase-money jumbo loan, you can get the larger loan size required to buy a home in these areas.

Whether you have a purchase transaction for a mid-century Victorian home in Bellevue, WA or a home with panoramic views in Solana Beach, CA, a licensed loan officer will be happy to help you with your loan requests ranging from $510,401 up to $10 million.

Home buyers,including first-time homebuyers, have the opportunity to purchase their dream home with some of the lowest jumbo interest rates in decades. There's mortgage programs that allow up to 50 debt to income ratio (DTI). Now you can get that home you picked out as a primary residence, a vacation or second home, or an investment property.

In today's competitive selling environment, a pre-approval letter for a home purchase is the standard along with some helpful negotiating tips from an experienced realtor when submitting an offer to purchase a home. A pre-approval letter on a purchase transaction shows the seller and agents that you satisfied the rules from underwriting as it pertains to credit, income, and assets, thereby, strengthening your qualifications as a buyer who is more apt to close the purchase.

Some Features of Jumbo Purchase Loans

Interest only mortgage. Allows you to delay payments on the principal portion of your mortgage for a specific term of the loan. As an alternative, you pay only the interest portion.

Non-occupying co-borrowers allowed. Financing options are available that permit a friend or family member, who isn't going to be living in the home, to be a cosigner on the loan. This is ideal for borrowers who are unable to verify income or have an unfavorable credit rating.

Fixed Rate Option:

ARM Option:

  • 3, 5, 7, & 10 Year-Fixed Adjustable Rates

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Loans are subject to borrower eligibility, loan product guidelines and underwriting approval.